Andrew Beers

I work in CyberSecurity at Walmart and enjoy personal app development for iOS and Android

My primary role with this team was to test new technologies and build usage cases for deploying them in our environment. Each week would be testing a new porduct, gathering project information, and providing inforation to managers about the pros and cons of each product and how it could be...

This Saturday, 10/21/16, a few of our U of A ACM members went to the ArkanSec16 hackathon to test our skills. We attended a 3-hour intro session about Kali Linux and various penetration testing tools. The competition was hosted using the open source Facebook CTF framework with custom questions and...

Thanks to ACM, I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 NWA Tech summit. I got to hear from some great speakers and see what new technology is disrupting the industry (check out “Digimarc”, it’s awesome) as well as catch up with a few people from Walmart Security.

We needed a salt file to deploy a Samba fileserver on the University of Arkansas Virtualization Team, so I worked with gravyboat on GitHub to contribute to and modify the existing source code to fit what my team needed.

My responsibilities this summer with Walmart will include managing and implementing firewall policies in stores and distribution centers around the world. I will also be instructing other interns on business policies, security, and tech-intern events.