My primary role with this team was to test new technologies and build usage cases for deploying them in our environment. Each week would be testing a new porduct, gathering project information, and providing inforation to managers about the pros and cons of each product and how it could be applied in the environment.

  • Deployed OpenStack mitaka multi-node cluster
  • Deployed VMWare multi-cluster test environment on Dell R905s, Mac Minis, Apple Xserves, and Synology shared storage, with VAAI plugin, vSAN, vDS, and Redundant Management networks
  • Deployed and documented Saltstack server, create automation files for deploying and configuring virtual machines on VMWare and OpenStacK for various roles
  • Deployed MariaDB Galera cluster to host data for our school webstite,
  • Created an Ansible playbook that will completely configure a LAMP server on CentOS in under one minute and check the syntax of configuration files
  • Created two linux servers with rsync and incron to store switch configuration files. This server also keeps archives of past configs on a git server and locally
  • Diagnosed bad performance of a virtual SQL server that was being cause by high cpu-ready times. This becomes an issue when there are too many vCPUs per pCPU core competing for time on the pCPU
  • Automated the configuration of Tomcat and Apache servers on Centos 7 using Puppet and Ansible within OpenStack
  • Troubleshoot issues in vSphere with vMotion and node connectivity
  • Apply networking knowledge to create virtual networks within the vSphere for virtual environments and to link data centers

Andrew Beers

I work in CyberSecurity at Walmart and enjoy personal app development for iOS and Android

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