My responsibilities this summer with Walmart will include managing and implementing firewall policies in stores and distribution centers around the world. I will also be instructing other interns on business policies, security, and tech-intern events.

  • Organize the distribution, setup, and instruction of Yubikeys to all technology interns in Walmart ISD
  • Use Slack to answer intern questions about on-boarding and ongoing events
  • Distributed and set up Yubikeys for 79 Walmart technology interns in two days
  • Implemented firewall rule requests containing 3500 ACLs across Walmart stores worldwide
  • Racked and configured 4 external production cisco firewalls in north and south data centers
  • Analyzed potential network vulnerabilities and implemented solutions using Splunk and Python scripts

Andrew Beers

I work in CyberSecurity at Walmart and enjoy personal app development for iOS and Android

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