Razorback transit has been live for a couple months, and I’ve collected some anonymous data on how people use the app. There are 68 downloads on Android and 296 downloads on iOS as of December 2017, so nearly all downloads are active users.

The app opens to the live map by default, so if a user only uses the live map tab it won’t show up in the Tab Selected category. Parking is naturally least used.

The demographics that use Android and iOS are interesting as well. Android (left) is mostly male users (male is dark blue), with a wider age distribution. iOS (right) is more evenly distributed between gender but has a smaller age distribution. The gender and age data are handled by Google using the unique device ID that they have associated with your google account, which contains age and gender data. This is all the detail that is logged.

Also, here’s the iOS device types of people using the app

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