When I arrived at Metova they gave me a blank laptop and told me that my job was to be useful. This turned out to be an amazing opportunity because I got to learn more development practices, come up with new features for customer apps, and fix tools to help the team work faster. Anything was in my job description, so each week was new.

  • Write unit tests for code
  • Get my ego kept in check via code reviews
  • Implement bug fixes for our app using Jira and GitHub pull requests
  • Use Jenkins for continuous integration testing
  • Triage bugs reported by customers and decide if there is enough substance to assign it to a developer
  • Re-design office Wi-Fi network with correct channels and controller configuration
  • Recruit 2 new interns for the Fayetteville office

Andrew Beers

I work in CyberSecurity at Walmart and enjoy personal app development for iOS and Android

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